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remodelling a building


  • Do you just purchase your dream home?
  • Do you need new flooring?
  • Do you need additional rooms built on?

Reinkosta Construction is ready to get the job done for you with the best professional and well-organized remodeling process. Home remodeling can be overwhelming, so working with a team that can ease that stress is a necessary element to a successful home renovation and remodeling.

Reinkosta Construction will give you personal attention every step of the way, from creative design plans and budgeting to material selection.



The kitchen is known as the heart of the home; at Reinkosta Construction, we never sacrifice beauty for functionality. We take your style and aesthetic and turn it into a workable space with perfect finishes, fixtures, and high-end appliances.



Reinkosta Construction is a build and service firm that will utilize every inch of space when redesigning your bathroom, whether small, medium, or large. We have the tools and know-how to build and remodel a bathroom that feels as though you have all the space in the world, no matter how many people reside in your home. Our extensive experience in construction means that we are fully equipped with the knowledge to tackle bathroom renovations and remodeling. Since we are an all-inclusive design-and-build firm, we don’t just design and renovate: we also create, procure, and inspect every single item before delivering it to the project site. If you need ideas for how to make the most of a small bathroom, we’ll brainstorm everything from layout to installation. From the initial design concept to the completion of the renovation, we are there to oversee each aspect of the project.



The basement is a part of your home that has a variety of purposes; it can be a storage space or a living space where it’s up to you how you can repurpose it. Reinkosta Construction has innovative construction solutions to upgrade, remodel, and repurpose your basement. We address foundation cracks, settling, or bowing issues and prevent basement flooding and mold growth to ensure a safe and stable basement.

Construction workers on scaffolding tower painting and renovating building floor in construction site.

PaintingPutting glamour in your home

Whenever you renovate or remodel your house, you should consider the finishing touches to make it more lively for your eyes. Whatever style you like, we have an array of paints you can choose from.

With Reinkosta Construction, painting is a quick and easy way to paint and add value to your home and its environment by making it look like hard work. We transform your home’s interior walls with glamour and make the exterior appealing and complementary to the landscape. We choose paints with special qualities for different types of rooms, and it also varies with our clients’ choices.

Whether you want a new coat of paint to hide wear and tear or want to explore different paint colors and embrace new design trends, Reinkosta painting services are your best choice.

Here are some benefits if you paint your home:

  • Increase the Value of Your Home
  • Protect and Prevent Damage
  • Beautify Your Interior and Exterior
  • Add Character and Personality
  • Prevent Dust and Grime

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